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Meet Dr. Sashi Sarvananda (Dr. Sasha)

In 2002, Dr. Sasha graduated from the University of Michigan and received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. After graduating from the University of Michigan, Dr. Sasha performed a General Practice Residency at the Medical College of Ohio receiving additional training from highly skilled and qualified dental specialists.

Dr. Sasha’s ideology and work ethics mimic ours at Land Park Dental, thus, making her a great fit. Dr. Sasha continues to expand her expertise in oral hygiene and dental health care fields by continuing to learn new skills through continuing education, so that she can provide the best treatment for her patients. She firmly believes in treating each person as a unique individual and providing quality dental care to all. Dr. Sasha is also passionate about contributing to society and serving others. Dr. Sasha makes time to volunteer at various dental camps in her effort to give back to the society, both at home and abroad. She has provided dental care to the underserved communities in Nepal, Cambodia, and Guatemala.

In 2019, after practising for seventeen (17) years as a general dentist in the States of Michigan and Colorado, Dr. Sasha moved to sunny California to be closer to her family. When not working with her patients to take care of their dental needs, Dr. Sasha enjoys exploring NorCal, drawing, yoga, playing guitar, and planning her next epic hike or volunteer trip.