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Dental Exams and Cleanings in Sacramento

Regular dental appointments are paramount for strong oral health. No one can argue that. When you need a dentist in Sacramento, California who can manage all of your oral health exam and teeth cleaning requirements, Land Park Dental is on hand to assist you. We’re a reputable family office that’s guided by Dr. Narinder Mahal. We do everything we can to offer all of our patients five-star dental experiences. Our individual treatment rooms include various options in movies. We offer paperless service for the digitally inclined. We even present our patients with the convenience of speedy same-day crowns. Waiting around just isn’t necessary. Our team members, finally, can converse with patients in English, Punjabi and Hindi.

The Value of Cleanings and Exams

If you want to stay on top of the condition of your teeth, you need regular dental examinations and cleaning sessions. We meticulously assess teeth and mouths during all exams. We perform cleaning sessions that are the portrait of detail-oriented and attentive, too. Our cleanings involve the extraction of both calculus and plaque. Calculus and plaque elimination can safeguard patients from dangers such as gum disease and tooth decay. Tooth polishing is yet another big part of our cleaning sessions. Polishing is excellent for doing away with any remnants of stains on the top of the teeth. Exams also entail tooth decay and gum disease assessments, filling and bridge assessments, X-ray assessments and even oral cancer screenings.

The Fundamentals of Strong Oral Hygiene

Our practice offers preventative dentistry that can keep your teeth healthy and looking terrific. We employ X-rays in order to assess patient teeth and ensure that all individuals get the attention they specifically require. No two patients have the same exact oral health requirements. Our objective here is always simple and straightforward. It’s to help patients keep up with all of their oral health needs. It’s also to help them steer clear of issues such as gum disease and cavities. If you have intense tooth pain, unusually unpleasant breath, redness of the gums, swelling of the gums, difficulty chewing or anything else along those lines, there’s a strong chance that you have some kind of dental health concern that needs our exhaustive attention right away.

Dr. Mahal advises all patients to schedule appointments with our office in intervals of six months. This is for standard dental exams and dental cleanings. If you discover any other issues that involve your teeth or oral health in general, you should set up appointments more often if at all possible. It’s critical to reach out to our team in the event of tooth trauma or pain of any kind. If you have any worries that involve pressing dental health matters, you need to let us know right away.

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